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British Isles Discovery

Discover the cultural treasures of Aberdeen, Scotland before continuing to Lerwick in the Shetland Islands and rounding to Tobermory on the Isle of Mull. Visit colourful Belfast, Liverpool, Cobh, and St. Mary’s in the Isles of Scilly.

13 Days 8 - 20 September 2025

​Discover the cultural treasures of Aberdeen, Scotland before continuing to Lerwick in the Shetland Islands and rounding to Tobermory on the Isle of Mull. Visit colourful Belfast, Liverpool, Cobh, and St. Mary’s in the Isles of Scilly. Each port promises a unique blend of cultural exploration and scenic beauty where you can create lasting memories along picturesque coastlines.

The flagship of the fleet.  Discover a wide range of comfortable lounges and stylish leisure facilities to enrich your time on board.  Dining options are plentiful at the Buckingham restaurant or the Borough Market, with plentiful cuisine options.  Put your best cards forward at Aces & Eights bridge and card room and the Ambassador Casino or revive and renew at the gym and Wellness Centre.  Other facilities include Kapoor’s, an onboard crafting studio, Brontë’s library, the shopping galleria, not to mention two swimming pools, four hot tubs and a large screen for outdoor movies. Sound good?

MONDAY  Depart Kettlewell’s yard for our journey to Tilbury.

TUESDAY  At sea cruising make the most of what the ship has to offer from the pools & hot tubs. Work off some of those extra calories in the gym and wellness centre.  Try the casino out or the crafting studio.  Alternatively, just relax with a good book and a cocktail.

Discover the vibrant city of Aberdeen, Scotland, known for its historic architecture, picturesque coastline, and rich cultural heritage.  Explore the stunning Aberdeen Maritime Museum, stroll along beautiful Aberdeen Beach, and indulge in traditional Scottish cuisine at local pubs and restaurants.

Early morning we arrive at the Shetland Isles Originally settled by the Norsemen in the 9th century, Lerwick was founded as an unofficial marketplace to service 17th century Dutch herring fleets.  The core of the town is a maze of narrow, flagstone streets set behind 18th century sandstone buildings overlooking the busy harbour.  Hay’s Dock, once the centre of Shetland’s fishing and boat building industries, is home to the marvellous Shetland Museum and Archives.  On the southern tip of Mainland, the extraordinary archaeological site of Jarlshof tells the story of some 4,000 years of human history on this remote archipelago with a wealth of wildlife.

 FRIDAY  At sea cruising.

One of the prettiest ports in Scotland.  The picture-postcard village has a large natural harbour where colourful boats bob on the waves watched over by a rainbow of brightly, painted buildings backed by woodland-fringed hills.  Tobermory is the capital of the Isle of Mull.

Belfast, Northern Ireland’s capital, reveals a vibrant cityscape interwoven with history. From the old docklands of the Titanic Quarter to dynamic neighborhoods filled with mural art, Belfast offers endless opportunities to explore.

Home to the Beatles and the Liver Birds but this great City has so much more to offer.  Liverpool city almost has the highest number of galleries and museums in the UK, it is second only to London. In fact, there is a one street Liverpool,William Brown Street, that is entirely occupied by cultural buildings.

TUESDAY   At sea cruising.

Known as Ireland’s second city, Cork is both a bustling city and a coastal gem.  Take a stroll down its colourful streets where traditional Irish music can often be heard or visit some of the many attractions such as Blarney Castle or Finn Bare’s Cathedral.

Britain’s only island archipelago, the magical Isles of Scilly lie just 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall.  St Mary’s, the largest of the five inhabited islands, is a delight with white sand beaches, tranquil waters and stunning seascapes.  The attractive village of Hugh Town, considered the ‘capital’, is the hub of the islands’ activity.  The second largest and the only privately-owned island is Tresco, where, in the glorious Abbey Gardens, some 20,000 exotic species thrive in the sub-tropical climate.  Optional excursions explore both St. Mary’s and Tresco, two of the beautiful cluster of islands that are worlds apart from everyday life.

 FRIDAY  At sea cruising.

 SATURDAY  After a wonderful time we arrive back at Tilbury ready for our journey home.

 PRICE PER PERSON                                            FROM £1,275
                                                                                INSIDE CABIN

 PRICE PER PERSON                                            FROM £1,485
                                                                                OCEAN VIEW

 SINGLE CABINS                                                  FROM  £2,479

 PRICE INCLUDES:  Return pick up from Kettlewell’s Yard.  Executive air-conditioned coach travel.  All coach seats non-smoking.  Full board, afternoon teas & late-night snacks.  Big show entertainment, cabarets and Captain’s cocktail party.  Guest speaker, daytime activities and arts & crafts. A valid passport is required.